Stillwater Cyber Compliance

We understand when you are looking for a cyber security firm, you don’t just want to purchase a service, but are looking for an ongoing relationship which is essential to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats.

Security Services and Solutions

Cloud Security

Monitor your cloud resources and detect unauthorized access and misuse of your networks, resourses and app instances in AWS, Google and Azure.

Incident Response

Run incident investigation and response efforts, from coordinating response activities as part of the incident response team through to performing technical forensic data analysis of your systems.

Risk Management

We combine risk management, compliance readiness and security controls in a holistic approach to what you must do and what you should do to keep secure.

Security Advisory

Whether you already have an IT security compliance program in place and need that bit of extra help or you simply don’t know where to start, We have advisory services or a package suiting your needs.

Penetration Testings

Identify where potential attacks will come from using a threat modelling technique. Knowing where a threat is likely to come from allows you to implement a strategy

Cyber Training

Security awareness programs for your company is critical to secure company data from phishing and other cyber threats.