Cyber Security Strategy

Design, Create, Review

Your cyber security strategy is key driving the  your cyber risk .  Security Strategy involves assessing your current state and defenses, and looking at where you need to be to proactively prevent and detect threats against your company. It involves defining your cyber maturity, comparing it to your peers in the industry, and then using that knowledge to focus on key areas that need improvement.

Why you need to get cyber strategy right

Your company needs to get cyber strategy right, otherwise you will waste valuable resources on cyber defenses that are either unnecessary or premature in the big scheme of things. We recommend you understanding  the areas your  business can improve, and then make an assessment on what your business should do to secure  your cyber strategy.

A Comprehensive Security Management Solution

Stillwater  will work with your group to undertake a risk assessment of your key business processes, and develop a risk treatment plan that is aligned to ISO27001. Following that process, we begin to develop the suite of policies, procedures and checklists that are appropriate for your company – all the while ensuring top management support for the project.

Stillwater Approach

Understanding what cyber risks you will priorities and what warrants further action

Undertake a series of interviews to determine your current state in terms of documentation of risks, controls, procedures and operating environment. This information forms the basis for the following stage.

We work with your group to create a set of documentation that outlines your needs, ensures compliance with regulation or other contractual requirements.

Let line management have the opportunity to review the policies and procedures to align with your business strategy and objectives.

The final stage of the process involves receiving the appropriate sign off and approval for the publication and communication of the policies. We also support the implementation of the controls.

Use valuable analytics of training, incidents and audits to determine the control effectiveness score for various policies requirements, and improve were necessary for future use..